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July/August 2024

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Jul 24, 2024

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A Smart Search Box can produce positive results at minimal cost!

THE IMPORTANCE of accurately searching online content of an organisation's website could not be overemphasised as it could help enhance further interests in the business and eventually increase the overall revenue.

For clarity, this is not about a global search engine optimisation for website traffic nor an intrusive product recommendation system, but mainly about having a search box on a business website to guarantee the display of relevant results to visitor's queries on the products or information held within the website.

An ordinary search box on a website is usually a single-line text-area which is capable of accepting a visitor's inputs and searching for those inputs within the company's database, the only difference being that a Smart Search Box does the job a lot more swiftly and accurately.

Currently, the search boxes on most sites do not have the capabilities of displaying relevant and accurate information.

Online visitors are often faced with the awkward display of "Sorry, no results found!", "We can't find a match!", "No search results for…" or they are presented with just completely unrelated information.

There is usually relevant information within the organisation on the subject searched but the search routine could not deliver accurate and relevant results, so turning away a potentially valuable customer.

The reasons for this anomaly could be many and various, but a good search algorithm, with minimal cost to website owners, could assist the search box to consistently display a list of relevant information making it a truly 'smart' search box.

A Smart Search Box would consistently deliver accurate and relevant results using various techniques which could include machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence, to mention a few. An efficient search box could drastically reduce a no-show results display!

For instance, most art galleries, museums and other art outlets could not detect a simple anomaly in user inputs which usually result in a "No results found!" scenario or just displaying erroneous lists of records. Many could improve the user experience of their online visitors if they could consider our efficient search solution for their websites for as low as £10 per month (with free trials).

Organisations should encourage online visitors to use their own website search box as the best means of searching their own contents. Instead of using a global search engine – they could now use a reliable internal search box to retrieve a more desirable display of results.

Art galleries, museums and artists, in general, with the aim of selling artworks or relaying information online, could implement a smart search box on their websites to display relevant information to customers and assist their team in achieving the ultimate goal of completion of sales and increased revenue, at such a minimal cost.

Online visitors to media houses and news outlets making enquiries could also benefit from an efficient search box that would display relevant results. An efficient search solution could also deliver a highly efficient digital information retrieval system, in general.

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